Thursday, September 10, 2015

Introducing My Fantasy Cast

Something you probably don't know about me is that I'm working on a story. Something that, one day, I'd like to see published. I've worked on things before, posting them online or them just getting shoved back by the dust bunnies on my flash drives. But, there's this fantasy book that I'm in the process of writing and, in hopes that I'll be able to keep my energy for it up, I decided to start posting things about it here. (It's a whole different monster working on this without having to post a chapter at a time.)

Don't worry, this will probably only be a monthly feature (certainly not going to take over my blog) where I talk a little about something to do with my story, or maybe post a scene or…well, something. While I've been thinking about doing this for awhile, I really can't say for certain what the best use of this feature will be for me.

So, my work-in-progress title for this is 'Silver Dragons' - though I think that will probably turn into the series name. As I can see a lot of interesting stories I could do with this cast.

Project: Silver Dragons
Update: The Cast (September 2015)

First up, I decided I want to give you a quick overview of my main cast.

Lantis Steelrune, Prince, eldest son of the king. If he hadn't been born with the ability to channel magic, he would have been given the throne. As it is, the kingdom's harsh approach to all magic users has left Lantis' ability a carefully guarded secret. He's snarky and always has a smartass response to everyone.

Talon Steelrune, Crown Prince. He's been groomed for the throne since he was born, his father making it clear that he is the heir apparent. Needless to say, this has left quite a rift between the two brothers. Talon is also popular with the people for his genuine personality and his approachability.

Melody Icereaper, Duchess of Greygarth, betrothed to Talon. As the only child of apple brandy merchants, the best in the kingdom, she straddles two worlds - the wealth that she was born into and the working class that has been her friends since birth. Melody loves people and is a master at getting what she wants.

Dragoncaster Knight, Royal 'Enchanter'. Stolen away from his home as a young boy, Knight has spent nearly twenty years either studying to be the Royal Enchanter or actually performing the duties. He has a cool head and can stay calm in most situations - which is a boon when dealing with those that think his magic is evil.

Valentine Fatestar, Viscount of Angelhawk. An all around frivolous appearing guy, he is the epitome of 'dandy'. Though all his theatrics hides intelligence and capabilities. Valentine has a secret that, if the king ever found out, would cause him to be exiled, if not executed immediately - if for no other reason than to make an example.

Savita Chastity, nickname 'Chas'. She had aligned with some less than savory people in an effort to help her struggling country. Years ago, Chas was in a bad accident that resulted in her heart being replaced with a mechanical fabrication, as well as half her chest and her whole left arm. She's quick tempered and brutally honest.

Tempest Jericho, mercenary. Her country was locked in civil war and, when she was captured by the enemy, she decided to escape. She dreams one day of returning to turn the tide back to her side's favor. Tempest is physically strong, but she can be quite a ditz at times and, on more than one occasion, her adventurous personality has landed her in hot water.

So, there we go, my seven character main cast. I've worked on several fantasy stories over the years, but this one, I'm trying to keep the main characters low. Yes, for me, seven is very few main characters. (The last fantasy I was working on had at least twelve main characters, plus some very involved villains and a couple of deities that liked to play in the mortal realms a little too much.) They are from four different countries and I really, really hope to build a very racially diverse cast - and fantasy world, in truth.

If I manage to finally get the map done - as it's been causing me no end of problems - I plan on featuring that next month along with talking a little about the different countries (their culture, ruling, stuff like that).