Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cover Compare: The Lunar Chronicles Series

Hey, everyone! I've never actually done one of these before, so bear with me. What we're going to do is take a look at the first three books of The Lunar Chronicles series and compare the covers from various countries. 

Brazil/France/Greece/Sweden/Netherlands/United States
Probably the covers everyone knows. I will admit, it was the cover of Cinder that first drew my attention to this series. (All the covers from these countries are almost exactly the same, perhaps only minor changes like adding a bit of text or one has a bit more of a glow around Cinder's foot/leg.)

I did kind of like the cover to Cinder, until I saw this cover for Scarlet - which is one of the creepiest covers I've ever seen. A closer look at Cinder revealed that this is also a ball joint doll and I am officially creeped out. Cress' cover is almost pretty - like Cinder's - until I realized it had to be a doll too. Ugh.

These covers are probably the blandest ones. (Least they're not creepy.) I do like how if you stare at them long enough, you see the image and realize it's not just an abstract pattern. (Would have prefered something besides Cress' hair though.)

Czech Republic/Italy/Poland/France
I definitely have mixed feelings about these covers. I like Cinder's - but it does not work at all for the book. Scarlet's I can take or leave, but don't approve of it because it doesn't look updated for the story. However Cress' cover? I love it! Seriously, I think this is the only one where the cover designer actually knew what the book was about and it's possibly my favorite cover of all of them.

I do like these covers a little - especially Scarlet's - but once again I don't see how they fit the story. Especially Scarlet's. And what's up with all the pink/red dresses?

I do wonder why they kept Cinder and Scarlet so similar and then drastically changed Cress. Yeah, the focus is still on her hair, but now we get a lot more of her face. And a red earring. (Why?) At first glance, each of these covers are okay, but after looking at them a little more, I don't like them at all. Especially that ugly shoe.

What is up with these creepy dolls? Seriously, is this what the books from these other countries all look like? And, really, Cinder is blonde? I've seen creepy covers, but these... oy vey. They take the cake. In the cover for Cress, the doll is crying. Creepy, creepy dolls.

These are actually pretty nice. They're fairly simple and while they wouldn't catch my attention, they also aren't ugly. Or creepy.

Love the cover for Cinder, but am not convinced that it's a good fit for the story. Love the idea behind Scarlet's cover, but it's another creepy lifeless doll/mannequin. The cover for Cress is a huge improvement because it looks like they got a live model.

Approve! Approve so hard it hurts. Even if it Cinder's cover does look like an old sci-fi movie poster (even more than the Russian one below does) I love these cover so much. And I think it communicates both the sci-fi aspect and the fairy tale very well. And the Scarlet cover is absolutely perfect. I was beginning to despair of finding a good Scarlet cover. And Cress' is gorgeous. I have found my favorite cover set. I want.

To me the Cinder cover is nice, but doesn't fit the story. Scarlet's cover looks generic. Both covers could be for any retelling instead of a very specific sci-fi retelling.

Except for the dress, I like Cinder's. It's got a lot of futuristic elements in it that I think works pretty well. However, the Scarlet cover is ... missleading. It's not focused on this story and looks like any Little Red retelling.

I really like this cover of Cinder and actually think it probably works the best because, while the red shoe of the original is more eye popping, when I think Cinderella, I think glass slippers. This definitely looks more the part than a red heel. However, it's kind of a mismatch when looking at it next to Scarlet...

Assorted Single Books
Cinder - Vietnam - I like the cover well enough, but the idea that she covers her robotics with 'fake skin' is...misleading.
Scarlet - Alternate Polish - Less creepy, so yay!
Cress - France - I'd actually like to one day find the rest of this set because I'm curious. The cover is very pretty, but it kind of doesn't fit.

So, what do you guys think? Favorite cover set? Mine is totally Thailand's! I want posters like that. Help me start a petition to get rid of creepy dolls? (Not really, but, come on, they're creepy.)