Monday, November 23, 2015

My Book Buying Ban

Lately I've been going more than a little crazy buying books - and downloading free e-books. This has to stop. I mean, when I'm getting more books in a month than I read in a month, I'll never get through them all. I know this - yet I keep buying them. And getting them free for my kindle.

So, I've decided to do what every book blogger has probably thought about at least once: start a book buying ban. (le gasp! The horror!)


  • I'd like to cut my TBR shelf by over half before I stop this ban. Ideally, I'll have cut it by over two-thirds.
  • For every five books I read, I can get one. If I read five kindle books, I can buy - or get free - one. If I read five physical books, I can buy one. Audiobooks can be kind of a 'wild card' in that they'll count toward either. DNF books do not count. At all.
  • I can buy the next book in the series - it's not part of my 5-to-1 rules. (Hopefully this will also encourage me to finish some of those lurking series.)
  • Library books do not count as anything and, for the length of this ban, I will try not to read any. (After all, this is an attempt to get through the books I've already got.)

This should allow me to buy the books I 'must have' but I can avoid getting a hold of any more of those books that will just sit there, looking at me accusingly.

I've already cut my TBR shelf by quite a lot this month, and as far as I'm concerned, even though I'm only now getting around to talking about it, I consider myself being on the ban for the entire month. (Though I'll still have a book haul post, because I bought books in October that I didn't get until November. They don't count.)

Ideally, I hope that this ban will last until at least my birthday. (Which is in February.) Four months should help me accomplish a lot. Right?

Have you ever been on a book buying ban? How did it work? Any tips for me? If you've never done a book buying ban, why haven't you? (Love to hear any thoughts and encouragement!)

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