Monday, November 16, 2015

Emperor Fuzwarts: The Main Cast

Hey, everyone! It's time for my second update on my current WIP! (So excited! If the over use of exclamation points wasn't getting it across.)

WIP Codename: Emperor Fuzwarts
Progress: First Draft
I'm very early in the first draft of this story. I'm still ironing out the plot and characters and world building.

Now, allow me to introduce you to the three main characters.

Kyran Vaile
Kyran is kind of - okay, okay - majorly abrasive. He acts cold and aloof all the time and has a sarcastic response to anything and everything that he doesn't want to give an honest reply to. Which is pretty much everything. He doesn't have friends, merely people that want something from him, as he says with that 'don't you dare pity me' glare.

Fallon Temple
The guy you go to if you want a party - especially if you want him to be the life of the party. Fallon is friendly and approachable and so not at all what he first appears. He's kind of flirty to everyone, usually just to make them blush or get them flustered. There are plenty of people that like him, but none that take him seriously.

Tanith Avery
Tanith is hotheaded and somewhat violent. Her answer to picking a lock is breaking the door down instead. She's physically strong and is perfectly willing to use it, but also friendly and outgoing. Plenty of people consider her a friend, but she always thinks they either want something from her, or don't know her at all.

And, that's it. Can you believe I am trying to tell a fantasy story with only three main characters?! So, what do you think of them? And, no, they totally do not dress like that. Well, not if they have a choice ;)

I own none of the pictures or the characters depicted therein. Found on Zerochan. If someone would like to do fan art for me, I would love you forever in a totally not stalker way.

Not really sure what next month is going to bring, but hopefully I've accomplished a lot thanks to November being NaNoWriMo. *crosses fingers*