Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Lunar Chronicles Fancast

I'm so proud of myself. I was wandering the internet and found myself at Marissa Meyers website and started looking at her FAQ and - low and behold, I found a post where she talks about what her characters look like and their traits. That's made this a lot more fun!
I've also researched other fan castings. While I think it's great that so many people did this - and if we keep it up, we might see this dream a reality sooner rather than later - but something really surprised me. Most of the cast was…well…old. Like late twenties old. Like ten years older than most of the cast is supposed to be old. (While this type of 'Dawson Casting' makes me feel better when I develop a thing for a guy that's supposed to be sixteen but his actor's twenty-five, it's not a practice that I actually like.) (Besides, it's because of just this practice that I'm so bad at guessing someone's age. Good excuse, yes?) I tried my best to get at least somewhat close to the age, but there was a couple of these people that I really can't see any other actor/actress in the role. (And I totally must admit that I've only seen two of these people in anything, so...yeah, might not be the best choices, but the look the part and I'd love to hear what you think.) Anyway, onward!

First up, our lovely leading ladies!

Linh Cinder - Michelle Farrah Huang

Scarlet Benoit - Bella Thorn

Cress Darnel - Abigail Breslin

Winter Hayle-Blackburn - China Anne McClain

Next we have our handsome gentlemen!

Prince Kaito - John Kim

Ze'ev 'Wolf' Kesley - Omar Borkan Al Gala

Carswell Thorne - Douglas Booth

Jacin Clay - Lucas Till

Now for the odds-an-ends! (Yup, that's what I said.)

Dr. Dmitri Erland - Neal McDonough

Linh Adri - Kelly Hu

Sybil Mira - Freida Pinto

Levana Blackburn - Anna Kendrick

Iko - Tiffany Boone

This was so much fun! Crazy difficult though, too. The only people I've seen in anything is Neal McDonough (who would be perfect for Dr. Erland) and Kelly Hu (who I just had to include as Adri) and Tiffany Boone (who wasn't my original choice for Iko, but the one I wanted was too old). The rest of them... As far as I'm concerned, they look the part and I'd love to know if you've seen any of them in anything!