Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Reading Challenge Update: 3rd Quarter

So, I've been being lazy and totally not reviewing books the way I'm supposed to be and don't have a review to post for today. Which is actually good news, because I get to take another look back over my year of reading.

I've read 96 out of 85 books. Considering that I finished my reading challenge back in September, I upped the amount 'unofficially' to 104. I've still got a bit to go to hit that amount, but I've made my original target.

Of those 96 books, 3 have been audiobooks. I'm actually super surprised that I've listened to that many audiobooks this year because this is something I seldom do.

These 96 books total 30,028 pages. However, while I've read 21 more books than last year, I've only read 1,762 more pages than last year. That averages out to only 84 pages per book over what I read last year. (I'm actually planning on challenging myself to read longer books next year, partially because of these numbers!)

Finally, my average rating of books is 3.57. Honestly, I don't know if that's a good number or not, but I have managed a lot more DNF's this year than I usually do. I think I'm finally training myself that if the book isn't good in the first 30 pages, I can find something else I'll enjoy more.

Anyway, looking at this had actually made me really excited to do a end of year survey kind of thing!

How has your reading been this year? Are you on track with how many books you wanted to read? Do you compare one year to another? (Personally, I love comparing numbers! Does that make me a nerd?) Is an average 3.57 rating for books high or low?