Thursday, November 12, 2015

If These Songs Were Books (Plus One That Kind Of Is)

This is an idea that just came to me one Saturday morning when my clock radio was going off and I thought 'I'd love to read a book like that song'. (More on that later.) This got me thinking about all the times that songs have made me think of a specific storyline or a general plot. I don't know if this will become a regular feature on my blog, but I do hope to make a few more of these posts.
Warning: This is a video-heavy post. If your internet connection is poor, you might want to save this for later. ;)

E is for Extinction by Thousand Foot Krutch

Make It Stop by Rise Against
A story about child soldiers raised, trained, brainwashed and DNA enhanced by a shadowy organization. They are sent out on missions, sometimes to kill other times to protect, but always to further their 'master's' plan. However now, as young adults, the brainwashing starts to crack and fray and they break out. They soon realize life isn't simple when you have a shadowy organization after you and they must take down their 'commanders' once and for all. (Includes: super soldiers lacking social skills, strong friendship and spaceships. And a chance to say 'shadowy organization'.) (Seriously, that's not even close to what either of these songs are about, but that's what I picture from them.)

Two Princes by Spin Doctors

AU Contemporary/Romance
In this world, royalty rules most countries and political marriages are the norm. The rulers of two separate countries are trying to get the Crown Princess of one and the younger prince of the other to wed. However, they are both in love with someone else. She with the prince of a poorer kingdom and he with a minor noble from his kingdom.
(Includes: friendship between two that are supposed to wed, hijinks when they team up. Does not include: a love triangle.)

Waiting for Superman by Daughtry


Superman by Five For Fighting

Superheroes are real! See that guy at the Laundromat, paying way too much attention to his clothing? He's try to decide how long his spandex cape can stay in the dryer before it melts. Or that woman checking out the max hold hairspray? She's wondering if it'll hold even while she's flying. When a supervillain puts his dastardly plan in action (he takes Sundays off because he has to visit his mother) it's up to these heroes that put the ordinary into extra-ordinary to team up and save the world.
(Includes: good vs. evil turned on its head and a look at what it's like try to save the world while holding down a full-time job.)

This is the song that inspired me to do this list.

Airship Pirate by Abney Park

I was all set to suggest some steampunk pirates who always got in over their heads. Then I realized...

There's a series out there just like this.

Tales of the Ketty Jay by Chris Wooding (of which the first is Retribution Falls).
It's about a group of airship pirates who constantly bite off more than they can chew and - as an added bonus - tries to steal from nuns and orphans at the beginning of the third book. Which left me totally singing this song. They also tend to imbibe in liquor a little too freely considering most of them are never unarmed. And then there's the Gatling gun atop the ship and the two outfliers… ... Let's just say that they are a destructive bunch. If you like steampunk adventure (that feels a little like Firefly, too) I'd definitely suggest giving this series a go!

I hope you like this as much as I did putting this post together. And, if you know of anyplace I can get just the media player (instead of the youtube video) for song, please let me know. I'd also love to know if you know of any books like these and let me know about any songs that make you think of a story - or a specific book.