Monday, June 8, 2015

Series I Might Finish (As Of May 1st 2015)

It's thanks to Discworld that my list had to be broken down like this. I was quite happy listing all my series that I'm not currently interested in as 'dropped' - that is, until I came across Guards! Guards! So, these are the series that I still have an interest in reading more of, but it's somewhat low on my list of priorities. I might eventually get to a few of these so, please tell me which ones I just have to keep reading. You never know, I just might. (With pictures! Because this list totally wasn't as long as I thought it would be!) I didn't realize I'd have this much manga on my list...

Study Trilogy by Maria V. Snyder

Miss Marple Series by Agatha Christie
(I should just go ahead and read this because, except the short stories, this is the only Marple book I've not read.)

The Lord of the Rings Series by J.R.R. Tolkien
(Plus a half-dozen or so more.)
Mrs. Jefferies Series by Emily Brightwell
(And the 35 other books outside of the City Watch subseries that I've not read.)
Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett
Knights of Myth Drannor Trilogy by Ed Greenwood

(Plus ten or so others.)
Hercule Poirot Series by Agatha Christie

Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson

Time Spiral Cycle by Scott McGough

Legion of Space Series by Jack Williamson

(This should have been on my other list. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, but even the cover quality took a nosedive.)
A Lighthouse Inn Mystery Series by Tim Myers

A Candlemaking Mystery Series by Tim Myers

Magnificent Devices Series by Shelley Adina

A Royal Tunbridge Wells Mystery Series by Ron and Janet Benrey

Realm Walkers Series by Donita K. Paul

The Aether Chronicles by Suzanne Lazear

Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

Cassidy Jones Adventures Series by Elise Stokes

(So I read all of the first series before the pairings (the 'common route') but would especially like to read these two because they're my favorite of the guys. I'd also like to read AITCO Clover and...the other one...)
Alice in the Country of Hearts Series by Quinrose

(I'd like to read it, but I LOVE the anime and everyone I talk to says the anime is better than the manga.)
Yu Yu Hakusho Series by Yoshihiro Togashi

(Of course it's CLAMP, so it's awesome. But not as awesome as most of their other stuff.)
Legal Drug Series (AKA: Drug and Drop Series) by CLAMP

Descendants of Darkness Series by Yoko Matsushita

Ghost Hunt Series by Shiho Inada & Fuyumi Ono

So, is there one of these that I just need to read? Please feel free to suggest one.