Monday, June 22, 2015

Series I Need To Finish (As Of May 11th)

Now we get into the fun stuff. These are all the series that I really, really want to finish reading. Or, in the case of some of them, catch up on until I'm waiting for the next book to be released. (Now with pictures!) I really want to read all these books - but there's such a thing as not enough time in a day. Or week.

Tales of the Ketty Jay Series by Chris Wooding

Vicky Bliss Series by Elizabeth Peters

Starlight & Shadows Trilogy by Elaine Cunningham

Songs & Swords Series by Elaine Cunningham

Jacqueline Kirby Series by Elizabeth Peters

Graceling Realm Trilogy by Kristin Cashore

Steampunk Chronicles Series by Kady Cross

The Legend of Eli Monpress Trilogy by Rachel Aaron

The Dispossessed Trilogy by Page Morgan

Cragbridge Hall Trilogy by Chad Morris

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Beka Cooper Trilogy by Tamora Pierce

The Vindico Series by Wesley King

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage by Shirow Miwa

The Paper Magician Trilogy by Charlie N. Holmburg

The Lovegrove Legacy by Alyxandra Harvey

Dusk Gate Chronicles by Breeanna Puttroff

Arisa Series by Natsumi Ando

(Plus the 19 others that have been released that I'm not posting pictures of.)
Pandora Hearts Series by Jun Mochizuki

The Fall of Ile-Rien Trilogy by Martha Wells

Cat's Eye Series by T.L. Shreffler

Heist Society Series by Ally Carter