Monday, June 8, 2015

#TBRTakedown Readathon Wrap-Up

Okay, so I just finished my first ever readathon. It was a lot of fun and I got so much read. So happy! I certainly want to participate in more readathons in the future. Anyway, a big thanks going out to Shannon over at leaninglights for hosting this. (Her blog. Her youtube channel.) Now maybe my life can get back to normal because reading kind of overtook everything. That and posting and favoriting on twitter. (Seriously, I spent so much time there that it was weird. For me, anyhow.) So, let's get down to the nuts and bolts of my reading.

The Avatar Battle - Read for 'sequel' challenge
     read 348 pages - ***** - Review up July 15th
Pawn of Prophecy - Read for special 'before 1990' challenge
     read 262 pages - ** - Thoughts here
The Clockwork Dagger - Read for special 'published last year' challenge
     read 13 pages - DNF - Reason why I won't read anymore here

Academy 7 - Read for 'outside comfort zone' challenge
     read 359 pages - *** - Review up July 22nd
The Dark Unwinding - Read for 'on my shelf a year' challenge
     read 318 pages - ** - Review up July 29th
Crown Duel - Not read for a challenge
     62 pages - unable to finish before the end of the readathon
     (I finished since - * - Review to come in August)

For this readathon, I read a total of 1362 pages, for an average of 195 pages a day.

While I would have liked to get more read, I still did get five books off my TBR shelf. (Three of them probably completely off my shelf.) I am happy with the amount of pages I read, but I really wish the books would have been better.

In truth, I'd only recommend two of these books. Oddly enough, they're both the sci-fi books. (What happened?)