Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tips For Combating A Reading Slump

We've all been there. Either you just don't want to read or you can't find anything good. Currently I'm hip deep in the latter and hoping I don't drown in average, ugly or DNF books.

Of the last 10 books I've started, I liked three of them enough to recommend and three were DNF's. (That's horrible averages.) My problem is I'm just not feeling the books I'm reading. I want to like them but I'm also reaching the point that I won't force myself through a book I'm not liking. (Except that one I desperately wanted to write a review for.)

So, here are some suggestions if you find yourself in a reading rut/slump.

Take a break from all reading.
This probably works best if you're not actually wanting to read. I can see it helping out a lot.
(Not trying this because I want to read. I just want to read something good.)

Read something very different.
A perfect chance to read some fan fiction or that non-fiction book you've been wanting to. (Personally, I might try catching up on my Discover magazine.)

Try another genre.
Especially helpful if you're just not getting excited to read.
(I might try this, considering the fact that the worst books I've read recently are in my favorite genres.)

Read an audio book.
(I'm sure I'd love this suggestion if the audio book I started was actually good.)

Play a game instead.
Related to #1, but if books just aren't working for you, spend your time playing a computer or video game. Or go outside and play something.
(If all else fails I might try one of my computer games, but I'm having problems getting interested in them too.)

Read with friends.
Self explanatory.

Re-read a favorite book.
(This is what I'm doing.)

So, how do you combat the slumpy feelings? Have any of these worked for you? Have any suggestions for me? (Seriously, leave suggestions. Please? Because if some of these don't work for me, I don't know what I'll do.)